Pr-21 04
Some attributes
Series Wide Screen
Model Number PR-21
Amount Produced 1,200,000
Other attributes
Weight 63g
Dimensions Unit: 112x67x12mm, Display: 54x35mm
Content Manual, Styrofoam, Plastic bag, ACL sheet, Caution sheet, Battery stickers
Batteries LR43

Parachute is a game in the Wide Screen Series released on June 19, 1981. It features a man in a boat rescuing parachuting men.

Gameplay Edit

The goal of the game is to save the men parachuting from the helicopter. To do so, position the boat below the place where the men are parachuting towards. In Game B, sometimes men will get stuck on the palm tree to the right. For every man you save, you get one point. The maximum score is 999 points. If a man parachutes into the water, an animation plays of them getting chased by a shark, and you get one miss. The game ends when you get three misses.

Trivia Edit

  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the parachute was Mr. Game and Watch's Neutral Air Attack. In Brawl, however, the Neutral Air was replaced, and the parachute was re-purposed to be a part of his recovery.