Oc-22 04
Some attributes
Series Wide Screen
Model Number OC-22
Amount Produced 1,200,000
Other attributes
Weight 63g
Dimensions Unit: 112x67x12mm, Display: 54x35mm
Content Manual, Styrofoam, plastic bag, ACL sheet, Caution sheet, Battery stickers
Batteries LR43

Octopus is a game in the Wide Screen series released on July 16, 1981. It features divers trying to get treasure.

Gameplay Edit

There are two buttons- one for moving the diver left/up, and one for moving right/down. The goal of the game is to collect treasure and return it to the boat. The Octopus' tentacles will try to grab the divers. If it grabs one, you lose one diver. The game ends when all three divers are grabbed by the Octopus.

Trivia Edit

  • In Super Smash Bros., Mr. Game and Watch's Up Smash features a diving helmet from this game.
  • From Brawl onward, his Final Smash transforms him into the octopus from this game.

Gallery Edit