Ip-05A 03
Some attributes
Series Silver
Model Number IP-05
Amount Produced 500,000
Other attributes
Weight 48g
Dimensions Unit: 95x65x12mm, Display: 42x28mm
Content Manual, Styrofoam, Plastic bag, Caution sheet
Batteries LR43
Judge is a game in the Silver series released on October 4, 1980. Two versions of this game were released- a Green version, and a Purple version.


The goal of the game is to get to 99 points before your opponent does. Game A is a single player game against a computer, and Game B is a two player game. A timer will appear before each round. When the timer stops, both players will hold up a random number. If your number is higher than or equal your opponent's number, you need to hit your opponent with a hammer. If your number is lower, then you will have to dodge. A successful hammer hit is worth three points, while a successful dodge is worth two points. If you perform the incorrect action, your opponent will gain points instead.


  • The green version had a bug where one player would only earn one point for dodging, while the other would still gain two. This issue is not present in the purple version.
  • In Super Smash Bros., Mr. Game and Watch's Side B is based on this game.