Cn-07 03
Some attributes
Series Gold
Model Number CN-07
Amount Produced 500,000
Other attributes
Weight 49g
Dimensions Unit: 95x63x12mm Display: 42x28mm
Content Manual, Styrofoam, Plastic bag, ACL sheet, Caution sheet
Batteries LR43
Helmet is a game in the Gold series where you have to dodge tools and get to the door on the right. It was released on Febuary 21, 1981.


You play as a character wearing a helmet. There are tools falling from the sky you need to dodge, and a door on the right that you need to get to. The door opens and closes periodically. Dodging three tools gives you one point, and getting into the door gives you five. The maximum score is 999 points. If you get hit with a tool, you get one miss. The game ends when you get three misses.


  • In Super Smash Bros., Mr. Game and Watch's dash attack features the helmet from this game.